“Karma is a bitch well just make sure that bitch is beautiful”

Let me introduce you to my Bitch – Her name is Karma…always by my side.

My Princess My Bully, Mine!

Red Lipstick; Old as f**k. Purchased in Italy by my man, while I sat outside the store and ate cotton candy (!). He thought it was a bit too dramatic from my part to refuse to enter the store and buy myself a new lipstick. This because the stress I´m in while have to choose one colour of all thousand of shades available. So he took matters into his own hands. #ThankYouMyLove

EyeLiner ; Waterproof Isadora (Anything waterproof when I want it to sit rock solid because I have a tendency not to maintain my makeup during the day). #lazy #Normal ?

Lash Extensions; Sabina at beautech.se

Animals – French Bulldog, Monkey, Gremling. (?)

– How do people constantly look so flawless?

… you have to stay ready in all times (when I fixed my face in the morning – it often have a tendency to fade away during the day). Do you have to use primer to get it to sit?

Tell me your secrets ..


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