#IHaveMyOwnPersonalChef #Bliss:ed


Before I met you …
– I remember that I had some kind of a mental checklist for the perfect-future-man for me…  (Ladies- feel  free to judge. Please be openminded and humeld )

– Like don’t we all want beauty. 

One subject on my list was him to have the same passion for food as me. Love to cook , eat and everything around this social ritual. Food for me is Love.

I found myself My Own Personal Chef  (Other than of cause he have the best sense of humor, be kind and patient with my moody Self and Love My Gremlings) – Was that I would find someone who challenges me in cuisine … Correction – not only challenge me – explore and teach me new things in the Art of Food. 

  • And I’m  Absolutely love it …I mean HIM. I absolutely love Him 😉 Thank you for providing my LazySelf. Before I met you My Wifey skills was on poit,  when it came to cooking eater ir was for me myself and I or for everyone else that entered my apartnent anty time any day day . 
  • Guess table have turns… Did I tell you that I absolutely Hate to do Dishes. Get like anxiety and shit… #WorstWifeyEver

     Chef …
    #Bliss #Homecooked

    Recipes of the world’s best burger coming right up… if you pls do me the favor to like this post….
    Have an awesome day!!!

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