Beauty, Ass and Bliss is the perfect mix…Couple of years ago I would Never dare to put my ass on display like this…Reason? Guess like everybody else I got caught in the fucked up Ideals that Girls have to deal with…

In early teen my competition was the curvy hip-hop-r&b-chicks that always flaunted their sexy self in them videos with amazing kind of goddess-look-a-like bodys.

Crazy long, lean and curvy…. And (!) Frekkin’ Flawless Silky (?) Smooth Skin…
– How is that even possible?!?… Feelt like I have everything going against me as Asian plus doctors telling me that I’m those lucky ones (wtf) with an active skin-type that produce more pigment than others. So when I get a scar, I get like a thousands of new layers of pigment  – in one spot – when healing … Lucy me – looking like Rudolfs coloured cousin if a situation occurs in my face…

Is it just me or do I really live in a world where everybody is able to beat your face flawlessly or do we all have the same struggle… on our bad days?!?

I guess time give you confidence or more a state of “Sti Cazzi” and you don´t really care anymore what people think… as long as I´m healthy … Right?

But on a serious note… Please view (under construction but wanna know if this is something that you would find of interest) my next post about scars and bad self esteem…. A subject close to my heart (through many struggles) and a Forum, I so many times looked up on the world of internet for self help and answers how to get rid of bad scars from either acne or accidents…




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